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Economy and Job Creation

Aiding the Unemployed

I am Working for average New Mexicans through Job Creation, Fair Wages, Small Business Tax Breaks and aiding our unemployed during current economic challenges.

I understand the enormous challenges facing the middle class and as a proud Democratic Senator representing district five I have sponsored and supported legislation for job creation, fair wages, small business tax breaks and I have worked tirelessly on behalf of the hard working men and women I meet everyday. I believe my record speaks for itself.

I wake up every day focused on the issues most central to the struggling middle class.

I have a clear vision for economic growth, investment in our state and nation for job creation which includes helping American business succeed. I  commit to helping those who continue to find themselves unemployed. I do not work on behalf of America's top one percent or corporate interests.

As your Senator I will continue to battle on the Senate floor and beyond where, for me, the middle class come first.


I'm proud to represent a city and a community where there is no lack of support for public education.Still, there is a call to action that must take place because when we champion a strong education system we will begin the process of creating a sustainable, and vibrant economy for our cities, our state and our nation.

It is no longer feasible to wait for our national leaders to step forward. It is time for each of us to commit to change the outcomes of our education system. Our neighborhoods, communities, city and state are at risk if we all don’t do more to support, promote and improve our public education system.

Medicare and Medicaid are being equally threatened to be cut.

For decades our country’s seniors have relied on Medicare for a promised and guaranteed benefit… and those less fortunate have depended on Medicaid to provide long-term care and coverage for children. Both of these vital programs should be strengthened not diminished. The answer to sustaining both of these programs is NOT gutting them with declining benefits and qualifications but by reigning in costs and system abuses. We can protect and secure our economic future without removing health care coverage for those who need it most, our seniors, individuals with disabilities and our children.


I will continue to reject any bill that would attempt to diminish these programs in our state and I will call on Congress to protect and preserve Medicare and Medicaid.

As your State Senator, I will:

-work to bring the public and private sector together to consider the best and proven practices for an enhanced public education system.

-seek out the best and the brightest to come together with new ideas and solid solutions.

-ensure that our state receives it’s fair share of funding for Head Start. Early childhood education has time and time again shown to be the biggest return on investment in public spending.

-seek funding for after school programs. There are many math and science curriculum that have been utilized in other schools across the nation promoting math and science to our students so that we can compete internationally. These programs when used even in schools of high poverty districts have shown to be a huge success. We must incorporate after school programs to give our kids an equal footing.

-continue to push to invest in higher education. It is not the time for our children to become discouraged in their higher education goals. We must insist that FAFSA remains an attainable path for students in their college endeavors.

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