It is no longer feasible to wait for our national leaders to step forward. We as a State and a community must step up and take control of our destiny. The two single most important issues we face today are Education and Jobs.

I have been honored to serve you and my community as your State Senator for the last 12 years and I am running for re-election to be your voice and your vote on these and other important issues.

You have my commitment to work hard to improve our education system and increase our high school graduation rates.


-I will work to bring the public and private sector together to consider the best and proven practices for an enhanced public education system.

-I will seek out the best and the brightest to come together with new ideas and solid solutions.-I will ensure that our state receives it’s fair share of funding for Head Start programs. Early childhood education has time and time again shown to be the biggest return on investment in public spending.

-I will seek funding for after school programs. There are many math and science curriculum that have been utilized in other schools across the nation promoting math and science to our students so that we can compete internationally. These programs when used even in schools of high poverty districts have shown to be a huge success. We must incorporate after school programs to give our kids an equal footing.

-I will continue to push to invest in higher education. It is not the time for our children to become discouraged in their higher education goals. We must insist that FAFSA remains an attainable path for students in their college endeavors.


-The National economy is weak and thousands of American's are suffering. Again we can't wait for the National efforts to trickle down to our neighborhood. I have fought for and will continue to work to bring employment with good paying jobs to our area. Through tax incentives and other motivation as well as personal efforts to secure quality employers to locate in Northern New Mexico. We need to work with employers and businesses to relocate and expand existing businesses right here in District 5.

With your continued support and help, we can improve our local economy and work to ensure the American Dream of our children doing better than we have - of our children getting a quality education and a good paying job right here in our own community is alive and well. We all want our family to be close and I understand the pain of having to see a love one move to Albuquerque or Denver to find employment - often taking their children with them. Together we can build a strong well educated workforce and attract the employers we need to continue making our economy vibrant and strong.

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